To reach the global goals we all have to participate: States, institutions, companies, organizations. Therefore, for the third year in a row, we arrange Green Week, where we in various ways focus on different aspects of sustainability.


On the 22–27th of May the Museum hosts activities connected to the global goals. Welcome to take part of our Clothing Swap Day, recycle paper, eat a classy vegetarian lunch in our nice bistro and learn more about the global goals in our guided tours and in our school programs. 


There will also be a station where you can write your own goals for how to individually contribute to the global goals. The personal goals are then kept in a rememberable place – in the wallet, or on you fridge – to help you make sustainable choices in your everyday life.




The Bistro is serving a classy vegetarian buffet with both hot and cold dishes.

Lunch is served between 11.00–14.00.


The Store has special Green Week offers on some products:

  • Grow kit to grow your own salad, strawberries and sunflowers
  • Mini green house Grow from Design House Stockholm
  • Experiment box Clean Water Science
  • Photo book Song of Silence, about water by photographer Rico Besserdich


Mini Lecture

25 May at 16.15

Enjoy a brief talk on the topic The Idea of the Nobel Prize and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.


Clothing Swap Day

25 May at 13.00–17.00 we arrange a Clothing Swap Day at the Museum.

We buy and use more clothes than ever. At the same time we know that producing clothes puts major stress on the Earth. One way to contribute to a sustainable growth is to reduce the consumption of clothes. By swapping clothes with one another we increase the usage substantially! A garment you grew tired of might become someone else’s new favourite.


Do you want to participate? Come leave your clothes in the Museum on the 24 May 14.30–17.00, Friday 25 May 10.00–11.00 or during the event. Maximum ten garments per person.

Do you want to drop by at another time? Contact Pontus Thunblad (


Inspiration & Tip

Take part of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s 5 best tip on how to prolong the life of the clothes.

Take a look at this inspirational video:



Three reason why you should swap clothes instead of buying new ones:

  • You contribute to a reduced water consumption. It takes more than 2 000 litres of water to grow cotton for one single T-shirt.
  • You contribute to a reduced energy consumption and usage of chemicals.
  • Cotton fields use a fourth of the world’s usage of pesticides and a tenth of the weed-killers. You yourself avoid chemicals in a second hand garment, because of the several washings before your usage.
  • You help another human being. Leftover clothes and the money we collect are donated to people who are in need of them.


Paper workshop

Recycle, make new and decorate your own paper! The paper workshop is open for the entire family.

Paper is used to write on. Whether you write a book to tell a story, an equation to solve something, or a speech to challenge an idea you need paper.

It is held in the temporary exhibition area (Literary Rebellion).

Saturday at 13.00–16.00 and Sunday at 13.00, opens with a tour and the workshops starts at 13.30.